Company Profile

Kupershtock Architects is an Israeli based architectural practice with office in Jerusalem.

The firm is led by Yaron Kupershtock, Architect. The company currently employs 6 full time architects and a Statutory/Permitting coordinator. Our architects are from all around the world, each selected for their experience, design aesthetic and drive.

The company’s staff has the expertise to provide full architectural design services, from concept design stage to construction supervision. Our design skills also include interior design, town planning and urban design, landscape design and environmental sculpture.

Since its formation in 1996, Kupershtock Architects has successfully undertaken and completed dozens of projects in Israel and abroad.
Among its key current works are two large scale mixed use town plans, four hotels in various stages of design and construction in Jerusalem, the Har Nof community center, and various residential buildings.

Kupershtock’s proven record in fast track town planning and permitting in Jerusalem has brought it continued return clientele from both the public and private sector.

The company’s bold and clean architectural aesthetic together with its commitment to design excellence has brought it broad acclaim, and more importantly, has served its clients in attaining their goals when approaching the various planning authorities.

We have broad experience in dealing with modern intervention in the historic section of Jerusalem. Among our projects are numerous examples of buildings executed within or above existing historic buildings, as well as in sensitive archeological sites. From these projects has arisen our approach to how we make the old Jerusalem in which we live a new place, without losing the cultural heritage that is so inherent to the city holiest to three religions. We accomplish this by presenting bold additions that are clearly separated from, yet respectful of the historic qualities.

We work in tandem with the local and regional planning authorities, conservation committees, public representatives and the client to bring to fruition projects that are both groundbreaking and important in the Israeli landscape.

Office and Staff

The company is located in downtown Jerusalem, adjacent to the historic city center and the local and regional planning authorities.

The staff includes the following key personnel:


Yaron Kupershtock, Architect. 27 years’ architectural experience in Israel and overseas.


David Gotshalk, Architectural Technician. 17 years’ experience in the construction industry in Europe and Israel, 3 years’ work in architectural design.

Shoshi Yogev. 30 years’ experience as coordinator of regional council planning committee.

The office employs 3D design software, including BIM capabilities with Archicad, drafting with Autocad, modelling with Sketchup, rendering with Vray, and photorealistic presentations with Photoshop.